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    Gregg Furtaw
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    Patrick Riley


    Rhonda Cox, Manager
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The HR department has provided these forms for the convenience of current and prospective employees.

  2018 W-4
  Bricklayers Only - OSHA Medical Eval for Respirator Fit Testing Questionnaire
  Employment Application Packet
  Employment Policies & Acknowledgement Form
  FEDERAL I-9 Form

!! Documents to support the Federal I-9 form must accompany the application or application will not be processed.  Most typical documents are Unexpired State issued Driver’s License or ID and your Social Security Card.  These documents can be sent via email only in jpeg or pdf formats.  You can always bring application to our office and we can make copies of your id’s if you prefer not to email them for security reasons.


Enterprise Masonry is OSHA certified, fully licensed and insured. Because we are union-based, our workforce is experienced, knowledgeable and reliable. Contact us TODAY and see for yourself why Enterprise Masonry is well-respected in our industry.
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